Pre-Drywall and New Construction Inspections

If you’re buying a new construction home, you might assume that a home inspection isn’t necessary. After all, you had the house built from scratch and customized to your exact needs and likings. No one else has ever lived there, and no time has passed for anything to break or go wrong. Wouldn’t a home inspection waste your limited time and money?

When a home is built it is constructed in phases over the course of time. Contractors follow a general construction plan and subcontractors are brought in to put in specific systems like plumbing and electrical work. Due to schedules, weather and even materials delivery time, the construction phases can get interrupted which can lead to construction errors.

Pre-Drywall Inspection Items:

  • Beams, bearings, and other framing items
  • Nails, screws, studs, and plates
  • Stairwells
  • Fire blocking and draft stopping
  • Leaks, water intrusion and mold risks
  • Plumbing and wiring
  • HVAC and ducting

We offer three packages for new construction inspections.

1: Pre-Drywall only

2: Pre-Drywall and Final Inspection (before closing) together

3: Pre-Drywall, Final Inspection, and 11 Month Builder Warranty Inspection

Please inquire for more information on these offerings.