“My Re/Max Realtor recommended Ryan Via to inspect our new upcoming home. And why not, its not like I know of any! He was already inspecting when we pulled up. While I followed him around he made me aware of any issues present and noted that they would be in his report along with photos. Lucky for me, he did not find anything that would deter me from making this purchase. On this 1600+sf home, he was there for at least 2 hours, very thorough inspection and the 30-page report was an easy read. I am also considering him to inspect my current home, before putting it on the market, just to see if it passes inspection and for my own knowledge.”

My experience with Ryan was great. Ryan was very knowledgeable and thorough, both in his report and during the initial inspection. My husband and I were first time home buyers, so his clear explanations and willingness to answer questions was extremely helpful. I would definitely use him again, and we recommend him highly!

I am a first-time home buyer and my realtor recommended Ryan Via. Ryan spent three hours working meticulously through the 2200 sq. foot home, on the roof, in the crawl space, testing every appliance, taking copious notes, checking in with me while he worked, and pointing out different aspects of home maintenance that I was completely ignorant about and will likely save me thousands in repairs later. When he finished his inspection, he sat down with me and went through his concerns, articulating them clearly but without being alarming. He answered my questions candidly and I left the process feeling a lot more secure about this major investment. He has since made himself available for follow-up questions, and everyone I shared his report with says it’s the most thorough they have ever read. As my wife is expecting a child shortly after we move, Ryan also paid close attention to aspects of the house we might need to be concerned about as new parents. I cannot recommend him highly enough; he is as good as his job as a person can possibly be.

As a Realtor, I love working with Ryan. I always recommend him to my clients because I know he will not only be there, but will be early, and he will inspect everything he possibly can extremely thoroughly. He also always has an excellent professional rapport with my clients, no matter what questions they might have. I have used Ryan for all kinds of inspections, including older neglected homes, to pre-drywall inspections, to million dollar new construction homes, and I wouldn’t want to use anyone else!