“I became a home inspector after I had an amazing experience with an inspector when I was purchasing my first home. Stephen Comer, who has since sadly moved out of the area, and I hit it off during my home inspection as he began to show me everything about the home. I was intrigued about his job, and asked him to tell me the requirements of the trade. I was working as a plumber at the University of Virginia at the time, but the wide range of knowledge that Stephen had significantly made me want to reconsider my career. I took the course and became licensed in 2015, at which time I teamed up with Stephen to provide home and radon inspections in Charlottesville and the surrounding counties. Since then I have completed more than 500 home inspections for buyers and sellers. My goal is to be the most reliable and professional inspection firm in the area. I pledge to continue improving my knowledge base and skills so you get the best service available.”

Ryan is also a Police Officer with the City of Charlottesville Police Department and an Army Veteran. He lives on 11 beautiful acres with his family in Troy, Virginia. He loves the outdoors, hunting, football, family time, and old trucks. Wave when you see him in his bright red ’83 Chevy Silverado!